Ship Explorer

React JSON API Bootstrap

Ship Explorer is a React app that allows users to search and filter a list of starships from the Star Trek Online MMORPG. The projects started by writing a scrapper to gather all ship data and load into a database. The website uses a simple JSON API written in PHP to provide data to the app.

Member Ops

Ember.js REST Bootstrap

Member Ops is a custom membership manager for SGN. It's a SPA written in Ember.js 2.4 and Bootstrap 4 with a custom REST-based JSON API. The API is written in Anahita, a PHP social website platform.

  • UsernameTestUser
  • Usernametestuser123

Letter Animation

SVG Anime.js

An experiment with creating an animated letter. The original source letter was broken into separate pieces and animated individually. An additional path was created for the inner circle to animate across and transform as it closes to the edges.

See the Pen Untitled by NicholasJohn16 (@NicholasJohn16) on CodePen.

Stonewall Gaming Network

PHP Anahita Bootstrap Link to SGN

An Anahita-based social media website, written in PHP, with over 7,000 members. Forums, events and other community features have been added to better serve the community. The template is a completely customized Bootstrap 4 theme.

Hacker News App

React Git Respository Link for Bingo Link to Hacker News Demo

Hacker News viewer I wrote as an experiment in learning React and it's API. Uses fetch to load posts from Hacker News API.

Bingo Game

PHP Git Respository Link for Bingo Link to Bingo Demo

Simple multiplayer Bingo game written in PHP. Uses seeds to keep track of state. Admin panel to track users, clues and check bingos!